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"It can happen to you"


Tounga 2
"Listen! Il concerns you"


Jeuda 126 :
“The Child Protection Manual by the Association of Working Children and Youth (AWCY)

Children and Youth of Africa protecting "children on the move"

Illustrations of the WCY on the positions of the Mobility Platform

Jeuda 119
Mobile Children from"victims" to "actors"

Jeuda 121
route to "success"

Jeuda 123
"Protection of Mobile Children by organized children and youth "


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When the African Movement of Working Children and Youth (AMWCY) was set up, it soon realized that vocational training was one of the keys to success in life by offering more employment opportunities on the African continent which is globally characterized by youth underemployment.

The AWCY of Ghana share their newsletter

The Nigeria AWCY share their 6 month newsletter

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Subregional workshop of the AMWCY Disaster Risk Reduction

From August 31 to September 4, 2015, was held in the hall of the Hotel OUIND YIDE of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso, a regional workshop on capacity building for members of the Association of Working Children and Youth on Disaster Risk Reduction "(DRR), organized by the African Movement of Working Children and Youth (AMWCY) with the support of Enda and the support of Save the Children International.
A total of 34 participants from Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Mali, Niger, Togo, Senegal and Finland took part in this training workshop on Disaster Risk Reduction "(DRR).

Group photo


Sexual exploitation

Relief with the Burkina Faso Red Cross

Fire emergency relief

Safety and health at work

Types of disasters

Manufacture SOAP

Certificate presentation

A workshop for the production of the cartoon
«Tounga 3: this should stop»

A workshop to produce a cartoon on early marriage was organized in Cotonou, from July 20 to 31, 2015, in partnership with Enda and thanks to financial support from Save the Children. The 13-minute cartoon is entitled «Tounga 3: this should stop» and has two versions: English and French. Participants addressed several issues children are faced with within their communities, such as «children’s early and forced marriage »; a topic which was chosen in order to sensitize the populations and authorities about child protection. To produce this cartoon, the following steps were followed: choosing a topic, writing a storyline, directing and drawings by the participants to illustrate the scenario, voicing the characters in the film and animation by the technical team with a helping hand from children. The workshop was widely reported in daily newspapers, private and public TV channels in the country. «The special guest» of the BB24 edition was one of the participants to discuss for 30mn the issue of «Children’s crusade against early marriages». On July 27, the «Ado TV» channel produced a report on the workshop which was aired six times for three days. On July 30, 15 participants expressed their views during the program «Forum of the Day » on BB24 television. The closing ceremony was held on July 31 at the Akpakpa Social Promotion Center in the presence of the representative of the Minister for Family Affairs, and the representative of the Social Promotion Centers and TDH.

Animation indoors

Drawing of participants


Programme at BB24


Introduction to Drawing

Naomi from Ghana at Ado TV


Rodrigue from Benin at Ado TV

Group works

Participants to the workshop



The celebration of 16 June coincided with the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child (Charter of the African Child and ACERWC).

The AWCY demonstrated on June 16 on the theme: «Twenty-five years after the adoption of the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child: Let us accelerate our efforts to eliminate child marriages in Africa». Here are some pictures of actions performed by the WCY during the day

Benin on June 16 in the community of Dassa-Zoume

Cameroon on June 16 in Douala and Mfou

Cote Ivoire on June 16 in Bonoua

Guinea on June 16 in Koya

Niger on June 16 in Maradi

Nigeria on June 16 in Owode

Senegal on June 16 in Nioro

Sierra Leone on June 16 in Freetown


Activities of Associations of Working Children and Youth

Chat in Boutoute, Ziguinchor, Senegal

WCY with their partner SSI in Ivory Coast

WCY in protection training at Djougou in Benin

Soap training,
Banfora, Burkina Faso

Restitution on the protection training in Niger

Sensitization of WCY of Kissidougou in Guinea

25th Session of the African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child ACERWC of the African Union in Addis Ababa from 21 to 24 April 2015

Presentation of the AMWCY

The National Charter for the Elimination of Violence and Abuse middle School in Ivory Coast

Delivery of the Ivory Coast Charter at ACERWC of the African Union

Capacity building workshop of delegates of the African Movement of Working Children and Youth on the Programming based on the Rights of Children with Focus on Advocacy

From 9th to 12th March 2015, Dakar, Senegal

In the presence of Dr. Mathuri Bonzi, Country Director of Save the Children in Senegal and
Fabrizio Terenzio, Regional Coordinator of Enda Youth Action

Countries represented: Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Niger, Mali, Mauritania, Senegal and Togo

Children, Youth and partners

Meeting of the Executive Managerial Group (EMG) of the AMWCY
2nd February to 11th February

From the 02nd to 11th of February, 2015, the Executive Managerial Group of AMWCY met in Dakar (Senegal). Were present: AROUNA Djiouweratou from Benin, MANSARE Philippe Faya from Guinea Conakry, MOHAMADOU Farida from Niger, EJEMI Gift from Nigeria, MARIKO Fatoumata from Mali, and NDIONE Amy from Senegal. The meeting was facilitated by ESSOMBA ONGUENE Wilfried from Cameroon. Here is the Press release produced from the outcome of the meeting.

Press release



Key Results of year 2014

Growth of the AMWCY
In 2014, the African Movement of Working Children and Youth (AMWCY) has increased its members by 28% and its friends by 18%. With 831,652 members and friends (including 270,955 members), organized in 3.915 grassroots groups in 362 towns and villages, the AMWCY is present in 27 countries in Africa.

72.5% are children and 56.9% are girls.

Satisfaction of the WCY regarding their rights and their lives
According to our survey MICRI, the WCY level of satisfaction with the AMWCY is good:

  1. 622,214 children and youth feel better protected
  2. 450,867 children and youth were taught to read and write or have attended school
  3. La santé de 408.585 children and youth has improved
  4. 556,672 children and youth play more  than before
  5. 466,811 children and youth work less and less hard than before
  6. 555,740 children and youth are better respected and listened to by the population, 564,530 by the authorities, 574,866 by their families and 519,484 by their bosses
  7. 495,741 children and youth express themselves better and participate in decisions with their friends
  8. 582,862 children and youth better meet their needs
  9. 523,108 children and youth better prepare their future

Mobilization of funds by the National Co ordinations
National Co ordinations of Associations of Working Children and Youth (AWCY) maintain a high level of resources mobilized locally: 1,024,129,627 CFA francs out of 1,245,303,865 CFA francs. Which corresponds to 82% of self-financing of their activities?



New publication
Jeuda 126 :

“The Child Protection Manual by the Association of Working Children and Youth (AWCY)”

Mutual protection was at the very root of the AMWCY in 1994. The idea was that, by getting together children and youth who make up the AMWCY could solve problems, build together what they could not get individually. More security in their lives and activities, training, self-fulfillment, are the main reasons behind.When, in 1995, during a meeting of facilitators, we received a phone call from the young housemaids in Dakar, telling us why, at that moment, they were at a Police Station standing up for one of them, who was falsely accused of theft by her employer. Right there was the " alternative end" of the play "Sanayo" they had created and performed in the preceding year.This play was about the harassment and abuse of a young housemaid in the house where she was working; then, at the Police Station where, also, she was accused of theft by her employer who did not want to pay her and wanted to get rid of her: the young housemaid found herself in the street, with nothing, oppressed by powerful people who had exploited and humiliated her.One year later, while we were asking them over the phone what we could do to help, and if they needed our help, the girls said "no, everything's fine; the Superintendant has told the employer to hand in evidence, or pay her what she owed her". Indeed, the world had really changed!The same young housemaids living in a neighborhood where they were organized were no longer going to be subjected to violence, because everybody knew that they were organized, so nobody would dare do them any harm, for the culprit would pay for it at the hands of hundreds of young girls.This idea was brilliantly highlighted in 1998 in a medium-length film by the Tunisian film-maker Taieb Louhichi, in "La force des Petits (Young but Powerful) ".For the WCYs, the organization represents a collective response to their innumerable problems. It is their number 1 measuring instrument to ensure their protection, as well as other children.

Jeuda 126 “The Child Protection Manual by the Association of Working Children and Youth (AWCY)” is available on : http://www.maejt.org/page%20anglais/pdfs/jeuda_126_child_protection_manual_AWCY.pdf

Meeting of the Africa Commission and AMWCY Communication Group

WCY awareness about the disease Ebola

Press Conference of COMAF

Delegates to the COMAF and GCOM

Meeting of the Africa Commission and AMWCY Communication Group

The Africa Commission (COMAF) and the AMWCY Communication Group held their parallel meetings from October 20 to 31, 2014 in Thies (Senegal). COMAF’s meeting focused on the assessment of AMWCY’s annual activities, particularly child protection activities and campaigns against diseases such as Ebola. They also reviewed Members’ statistics and the responses regarding the impact questionnaire on rights, studied the 2014 budget and new membership applications, shared AMWCY’s monitoring and evaluation tools, and set guidelines for the Movement for the coming 05 years. AMWY continues to expand and grow. Statistics show that, in 2014, the AMWCY claims: 831,652 members and well-wishers; 270,955 members, with 57% of girls and 73% of children; 3,915 Grassroots Groups from 362 associations in as many towns and villages as in 27 countries. Responses to impact questionnaires on the rights added to these statistics give the following: 622,214 children feel that they are protected by AMWCY; 466,811 children work less, and less hard thanks to AMWC; 450.867 had the opportunity to study or enroll for literacy courses; the health of 408,585 children has improved, 556,6722 had more fun than ever before. Comaf held some working sessions with Save the Children during which debates focused on protection in case of natural disasters and on the prevention of Ebola. As far as the AMWCY Communication Group is concerned, it discussed the types of communication to be adopted when the movement has enough financial resources. It then drew up AMWCY’s communication and advocacy plans for the next three years, produced issues of WCY Face the Challenge No 15, and comics on topics such as Ebola, AIDS and child protection. At the end of their meetings, participants had a debriefing session with their regional partners, diplomatic missions based in Dakar, and the media.


Meeting between Anastasie of OAK Foundation and the WCY of Rwanda

In the office of CVT... Patrick, member of the national coordination committee explaining the structure of the AMWC

Children looking at the photos with Anastasi

Family picture after the meeting


Sierra Leone WCY participated in a general sensitization, training sessions and communities' mobilization to help fight this Ebola virus.


Since the outbreak of this deadly virus WCY have been participated in a general sensitization, training sessions and communities’ mobilization to help fight this Ebola virus.WCY organise communities and social awareness campaign targeting children in a deprive communities such as slums area, and hill side as the situation is increasing everybody and children are suffering from social interaction, emotional stress and physical development . Most of their parents have been affected with the deadly virus and some cannot survive it. With all these challenges WCY call on the communities’ people and humanitarian to help these children that are suffering from this trauma and stigma in their various communities because many children have been isolated of this deadly disease.Notwithstanding WCY members have been voluntary to help provide counseling advice for those children that are in serious trauma to help them rebuild their status therefore. WCY called on the communities’ elders, youth organisation and chiefs to treat the children equally compare to their peers. Nevertheless, WCY have create a communication link between Bo, Kenema, Kailhum and Port loko local council and the hospital management to help protecting the children from this virus because situation like this children are more vulnerable in the social.

National coordination and teams.

Taking part in Child Protection Group meeting with ECOWAS

WCY at the meeting

Amy Dione speaks on the Panel

Fatoumata Mariko speaks on the Panel

From July 14 to 16, the Regional Child Protection Group (RCPG): ILO, ENDA, AMWCY, IOM, Plan, Save the Children, SSI, SOS Village, Terre des Hommes, UNICEF, World Vision, took part in a meeting held with the Commissioner for Social Affairs and Gender and ECOWAS’ technicians, in the premises of UNICEF in Dakar. AMWCY was represented by national delegates from Mali and Senegal, all members of the Executive Managerial Group and the Head of the mobility component. Attending WCYs pleaded for the participation of AMWCY in ECOWAS’ meetings on children and the integration of its action plan into ECOWAS’ action plan. They pleaded for the integration AWCYs’ action plans into the programming of member countries governments and the development of a common ECOWAS-RCPG mobility program for children, with which AMWCY will be associated, based on its experience. They wish ECOWAS could send its representatives to some of AMWCYs meetings, such as the African Commission. RCPG got some good results with ECOWAS. A working agenda includes, among others: the participation of children's organizations in concrete project activities, an advocacy action plan with key messages, and the setting up of a committee of experts. In a bilateral meeting with ENDA and ECOWAS’ representatives, the regional protection group obtained the following commitments: a formalization of its collaboration with AMWCY-ECOWAS through a Memorandum of Understanding; an inclusion of AMWCY in national protection policies concerning the 15 member countries; linking all this with the programs of Civil Society, Youth and Employment for youths belonging to ECOWAS countries; the presence of AMWCY’s experts in the Committee of Experts under the joint programming; training and communication to other young people through AMWCY resource persons; support from AMWCY regarding premises, equipment. The meeting also was attended by the following: the High Commissioner for Human Rights, a delegation of the European Union, journalists etc.


WCY awareness on the Ebola disease

Working Children and Youth are very sensitive to the consequences of the Ebola disease in their communities. They conduct sensitization illustrated wherever they are. Examples.

To wash ones hands with soap coming out of toilets

Go to the health post

Go to the health post, but when?

To pay attention to objects on wounds


Meeting EMG/Enda / Save the Children

From 7 to 11 April 2014, a delegation of EMG (managerial Executive Group) AMWCY met in Dakar, Senegal. With officials of Enda they met the partners Save the Children and discussed with them the new 2014-2016 project entitled "working children actors in their own protection" which binds AMWCY/ENDA / Save the Children.
On 8, 9 and 10 April, they had working sessions with Save the Children during which they mainly reviewed the procedures and requirements of donors to ensure that all concerned project stakeholders follow them.
On April 08th the EMG made a general presentation of its movement, its objectives, and its functioning, from the base to the regional level.
In the afternoon, members of the EMG led officers of Save the Children (Tupuna, Katri and Amanda) to visit the grassroots group of Mbao WCY. On site, the WCY (only girls) hosted a chat discussion on sexual violence against girls: causes and consequences. They also identified some possible solutions including the intensification of awareness campaigns to make parents more responsible, girls to be more vigilant and denounce the authors of rape, inform people about the harmful effects of sexual violence on girls, etc. . .

EMG and Save Office Enda
EMG and Save in the office of Save
Exchanges in the field visit Grand Mbao
Save and EMG field visit Grand Mbao

Participation of the WCY to the cleanliness of the area of Ruyigi, Bujumbura Town Hall, Burundi

Participation of the WCY to the cleanliness of their area
Participation of the WCY to the cleanliness of their area 1


Workshop literacy Faranah Governor presents certificates to the WCY
Identification of the grassroots groups of conakry

Pictures of the Meeting

Participants and partners at the closing
Family picture at the closing


The General Assembly of the AMWCY opens on 21st October in Ouagadougou and will carry on until November 2nd.
Let us prepare it, and mobilize around this decisive event that has not happened since 2009!

claudeouaga@yahoo.fr, maejt94@gmail.com

Labour Day Celebrations (1 may 2013)

During the Labour Day celebrations of May 1, 2013, the WCY conducted several activities in their Associations. At country level they joined parades and it was an opportunity for them to raise awareness of their rights to the authorities. In some countries sports and recreational activities were organised by the WCY. Below are pictures of some country activities.


Observer status of the AMWCY towards the African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child (ACERWC)
of the African Union

It is with great pleasure that we announce to you that on Friday 16th November, the AMWCY gained an observer status to the African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child (ACERWC)

A three year patient lobbying has had a happy end.

Official document of the observer status of the AMWCY to the ACERWC of the African Union

Cartoon drawings of the Rwanda AWCY

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**to read and write
***to express oneself
***to be taught a trade
***to play and leisure
***to health care
***to be listened to
***to rest when sick
***to work in safety
***to be respected and dignity
***to stay in the village
***to light and limited work
***to equitable justice

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WCY Face the Challenge N°15

Jeuda 125
"We say! We, WCYs are teaching literacy courses"

Jeuda 124
"Consulting Childern on project funded by the world bank"

Jeuda 123
"Protection of Mobile Children by organised children and Youth"

Jeuda 122
"African Movement of Working Children and Youth training Manuel"


Powerpoint Communication of AWCY"ICTin the protection of Children on the Move".

AMWCY & Education

WCY Face the Challenge N°14
Poster WCY Face the Challenge N°14
WCY Face the Challenge N°13
WCY Face the Challenge N°12
Poster WCY Face the Challenge N°12

Jeuda 126
Jeuda 125
Jeuda 124
Jeuda 123
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Jeuda 120


Jeuda 119

Modern mobility
The role of ICTs in child and youth migration

Children of seasonal migrant workers

Our Vision
All African children , must be born and grow in good condition , and enjoy their full rights to thrive ,while at the same time help their communities to develop harmoniously in peace and in a favorable environment .
Our Mission
- To inform and train children on their rights , and lead actions to implement them.
- To struggle against our poverty and that of our communities .
- To contribute in developping child participation , as well as solidarity and fraternity among themselves and among all African populations.

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