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Workshop on the "review of the implementation of the National Action Plan for the Fight against the worst forms of child labor"
On June 09, 2011 (10) Working Children and Youth (WCY) attended a workshop on the "review of the implementation of the National Action Plan for the Fight against Worst Forms of Child Labor."

Being members of the technical group of the Action Plan, which was launched in October 2010, WCYA Burundi were among the organizers of the workshop in collaboration with two other groups of youth associations, the Ministry of Labour, Public Service and Social Security.

Among the 40 adult participants from various ministries, embassies and organizations working in the Child Rights field, 10 (WCY) from Bubanza, Bujumbura Rural and Bujumbura-Mairie were present.

On behalf of the WCYA, the National Coordinator Nadine Dusabe submitted a list of the Worst Forms of Child Labour in Burundi. Another WCY gave an account of his life, which was challenging to all stakeholders hence led to the implementation of the Action Plan, involving working children.

During the plenary, the participants welcomed the WCY actions which inspired the media to do interviews with the children. A Radio show was broadcast live with the national delegate, Fabrice and another child worker, Olivier.

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