153 (August-September 2016)
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* AMWCY: Meeting of the Technical Support Group
*Burkina: Project on « Child rights’ protection and fight against violence on children in 06 regions in Burkina Faso »
*Burundi: managing working camp activities, football match for Reconciliation and Peace
*Cameroun: participating in a procession to say stop to the use of drugs
*Côte d’Ivoire: awareness caravans on literacy  
*Gambia: sensitization on early marriages*Ghana: listening to street begging children
*Guinea: awareness caravan on hydrous diseases
*RDC:  implementation of a Sensitization project on school garden approach and literacy

*AMWCY: Meeting of the Technical Support Group
From 18th to 30th July 2016, Niger AWCY’s national coordination organized and welcomed the regional technical support group which gathered 8 countries: Benin, Cameroun, Ghana, Niger, Nigeria, Centrafrica, Tchad and Togo. There were 33 participants in the meeting which was an occasion for them to share experience, discover and learn from the trainings. Field visits have been conducted in 20 AWCY including 13 in Niger, 4 in Benin and 3 in Togo. During those visits, people have exchanged on difficulties they are facing and suggested some solutions. In plenary, teams made some feedback after the field visits.
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*Burkina: Project on « Child rights’ protection and fight against violence on children in 06 regions in Burkina Faso »
The NC/AWCYB; with the financial support of UNICEF, has implemented a project entitled: «child rights’ protection and fight against violence on children in 06 regions in Burkina Faso». The project aimed at fighting issues such as: abandoning child marriage, the harmful traditional practices (female genital mutilation), birth registration and the psycho-social treatment of Malian child refugees and host communities in the Mentao refugee Camp.
In the field, the NC/AWCYB has started a partnership with 10 organization including 8 community radios, the itinerant Digital cinema and association from Ouagadougou. The provincial directions of social action are involved.
An integrated program of communication on birth registration has been implemented. This program is consisted of competitions in 100 villages, implementation and broadcasting of micro-programs in 12 Radios, one Television. The program also implemented sketches, projected videos and organized training sessions on social norms for radio employees, training and setting up school clubs, football competitions, meeting for advocacy with traditional, religious and administrative authorities.
Sensitizations activities have been implemented in the website of the Malian refugee children. Financial supports have been granted to women to implement IGA. Finally sportive, cultural and entertainment activities have been implemented for children.
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 *Burundi: managing working camp activities, football match for Reconciliation and Peace
Cibitoke AWCY is managing activities in working Camps which gathered vulnerable children, WCY and young holiday-makers. On July 14th, WCY participated in the preparatory meeting organized in the High School by the provincial governor of Cibitoke. WCY planned the activities proceedings and the governor approved them. These activities are mainly about cleaning roads, making games (cartoons, traditional and modern dance, sports) which will be performed by children the closing day.
WCY are among actors who contribute to reconciliation and promoting peace. Considering the conflicts which broke out from April to July 2015, the Ministry of Solidarity in collaboration with UNICEF, has organized a football match opposing teams in the cities affected by the violence to those who were not affected so as to promote reconciliation between young inhabitants. This football match was organized on the African Child commemoration Day, in the presence of the representatives of the Minister of Solidarity, the Youth and Sports Minister, local authorities from 3 districts of Bujumbura. The presence of these authorizes in the ceremony highly contributed to the visibility of the association which took the opportunity and discuss with them.
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*Cameroun:  participating in a procession to say stop to the use of drugs
On July 2nd , the AWCY of Cameroun participated in the sport procession organized by the Ministry of Health, with the collaboration of “la Fondation Notre Dame Consolatrice des affligés du Cameroun”. The walkers departed from the town center and headed to Yaoundé Omnisport Stadium before getting back to the boulevard. 73 WCY took part to the procession to sensitize against the harmful effects of drugs. While walking, demonstrators conveyed messages to say stop to drug use. About 10 000 people got the message and some of them declared that it was high time for such actions to be conducted.
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*Côte d’Ivoire: awareness caravans on literacy    
Grand-Bassam AWCY has initiated a caravan called zero illiterate among young and working children. Organized from July 5th to 12th, this campaign was an occasion for WCY to take a census of 148 children and youth, boys and girls, going to school or out drop, who were learning trades in workshops, in markets and bus stations. This caravan registered the collaboration of handcrafts trainers, the mechanists association, merchants’ chair-person and driver’s trade-unions. As the number of unschooled and out drop working children was high, the AWCY has organized a meeting to present the results of the caravan to the direction of the Primary education in the presence of the responsible of primary schools managing committee. The inspector has congratulated and thanked the AWCY for the action conducted. The inspector has given order to the responsible of the afternoon literacy courses to make propositions to children to join the literacy classes which are near to their homes or working places so that they can fully have access to their right to read and learn
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*Gambia:  Sensitization on early marriages
On July 9th, Kaur AWCY conducted a sensitization on child marriage. The activity was organized because AWCY have noticed that there were too many cases of child marriages in their community. Parents have been sensitized on the danger linked to child marriage and on the importance of the future of children. About 200 WCY participated in the activity and many parents were sensitized on the issue. WCY have performed plays, poems and songs on child marriage. The activity was an opportunity for WCY to explain the mission of the association and the 12 rights of WCY. Parents also gave their opinion and appreciated the initiative of the children and the messages they have delivered to sensitize the community. Some parents said that they have a better understanding of the issue of child marriage thanks to the sensitization. That’s why they thanked AWCY and encouraged them to keep on implementing such activities. Parents promised their support to the association.

*Ghana:  Listening to street begging children
The AWCY have listened to a group of 27 children at Hohoe. WCY have noticed that these children were begging in the streets, that is why they decided to meet and listen to them. After the listening, WCY have tried to understand their main difficulties and together with the street children, they have tried to find solutions. A meeting of the grassroots group was organized in order to discuss on the issue. The AWCY went on looking for a partner to help them handle the problem. They found “Hamond Foundaton” who has accepted to collaborate with the association in order to help vulnerable children by providing them with primary education. These children were registered at “the Roman Catholic governmental primary school Hohoe”. The foundation also provided children with books, school kits, bags and sandals.
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*Guinea:  awareness caravan on hydrous diseases
On July 13th, Dabola WCY organized a sensitization campaign against hydrous diseases in public places like markets, hospitals and religious sites of Bissikirima, a district of Dabola. This campaign has been supported by authorities and the district health direction. In fact the climate and environmental change has affected the health of the population. Diseases related to water (malaria, diarrhea etc.) affect more and more people especially during the rain season and children are the most affected ones. This campaign was called “water Days” in order to better sensitize people. The medical direction and the Health Education Service was fully involved in this campaign, which allowed to open debates on what measures should be taken in such situations.
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*RDC: implementation of a Sensitization project on school garden approach and literacy
On June 11th Uvira AWCY organized a sensitization on school garden approach in 2 primary schools which gathered 1283 pupils. In each of these schools, a management committee has been set up and is composed of a representative of parents, the school director, a teacher, a pupil and a member of the local development committee. This approach is about sensitizing new generations on protecting the environment. It also helps improve the education level in some schools while implementing activities such as garden management, reforestation in schools or houses. This approach is monitored and technically supported by Uvira AWCY. 9 schools of Uvira will be covered by this activity. It will be financially supported in order to set up school gardens developing agriculture and farming. In May, Uvira AWCY has also been given a motorbike to help implement activities in the field.
Uvira AWCY delivered literacy classes to 68 illiterate children, youth and women. In the same project supported by "Incontro fra i Popoli", financial support will be given to grassroots groups in order to help them develop their agro-business. All these activities are followed up by 2 WCY trained as technicians and facilitators. To mention that these activities have been possible thanks to a training session organized from January 18th to February 4th 2016 to which 3 organizations from East DRC were fully associated, including AWCY Uvira, Synergie 3F of Fizi and UWAKI of Maniema, with the financial support of "Incontro fra i Popoli", a partner Ngo
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