139 (June 2015)
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*Cameroon: sensitization on safe working conditions
*Côte d’Ivoire: film screening and dance contest as part of Labour Day activities, training on child protection
The Gambia: forum on child labour and exploitation
*Mali: House Maids march and demand decent work
*D. R. Congo: Labour Day, a meeting between WCY and their elders
*Rwanda: training on how to support child domestic workers

*Senegal: sensitization on education and violence against children
*Publication: WCY Face the Challenge No.15:
«20 years of existence, 20 years of experience in child protection!»
*Cameroon: sensitization on safe working conditions
On May 16th and 17th, 2015, WCY in Yaoundé, Mfou, Soa and Okola organized in Yaounde sensitizations sessions on children's workplaces. They discussed and drew the attention of children and their bosses on the need to work by taking safety measures to avoid injuries and prevent disease. Four teams made up of three WCY visited a few workplaces of children in Yaounde. For the occasion, visitors met every evening, in refreshment areas and other public places with children who pick up bottles and scrap metal, as well as with young street vendors. Overall, WCY exchanged with over 200 children and about 30 bosses and family heads regarding the need to protect children against harmful activities and risks related to their activities. Moreover, these visits took place within the framework of a census relating to working children who are to be supported by a group called «work team», a registered one and which is made up of: AWCY Cameroon, Cameroon SOS Village, ODECO and four other civil society NGOs.
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*Côte d’Ivoire: film screening and dance contest as part of Labour Day activities, training on child protection
On the occasion of Labour Day, the AWCY of Abidjan Sud screened a film about child labour and the cartoon «Tounga, Listen! It Concerns You», at the Port-Bouet Youth’s Pilot Center. It was followed by questions and answers, and role plays which allowed a better understanding of the message conveyed by the cartoon. 400 participants, including WCY and sympathisers, took part in the event. In addition to the screening, the ceremony was marked by the recitation of a poem entitled «the child» and a dance contest. The winner received a DVD album «Whose fault is it?» by WCY singers Jecy & John Spriker. The second winner was awarded a T-shirt. It should be noted that AWCY’s National Coordination in Côte d'Ivoire gave away gadgets to AWCY Abidjan Sud for all participants.
Moreover, from May 6th to 13th, 2015, AWCY-CI organized in Grand Bassam a training workshop for WCY on child protection, based on the AMWCY’s Protection Handbook. It was a two-phase workshop: the first one focused on “3P4” (prevention, support and promotion of rights), and activities to be carried out at each step. It was attended by participants from 25 WCY all belonging to 18 AWCY members of the National Coordination. Partners took part in the second phase. It was marked by exchanges between WCY and stakeholders on activities undertaken by each body in terms of children’s rights promotion, prevention of various forms of child rights violation, and caring for children living in difficult situation as well as on what the various stakeholders should do together to improve children’s situation.
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*The Gambia: forum on child labour and exploitation
The «Nanew Juboo» and «Honest» grassroots groups of AWCY Essau celebrated Labour Day together. The event gathered more than 125 WCY, alongside 40 parents and local authorities. It was celebrated as a forum with parents, the Imam (religious leader), WCY’s bosses and village leaders. The theme was «child labour and exploitation». It was quite a colourful event: WCY gave speeches on the importance of the day and lightened up the event through songs, poems, child-labour related plays. During his speech, the village chief said that they had learned a lot from the forum. With other parents, he promised to share what they learned with women from Essau.
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*Mali: House Maids march and demand decent work
The AWCY celebrated Labour Day in their respective cities. In Bamako, WCY marched with 09 other associations and NGOs in Mali: (ADDAD, AWCY APJEC, APSEF, CNLTE, DRPFEF, GRADEM, MMTC, SOLI-AM, CT). 335 house maids, including 75 members of the AWCY, took part in the parade held along Independence Boulevard. The house maids were all dressed in white t-shirts on which were written the following words: «Decent work for House Maids is possible». They carried banners reading «To political and legislative authorities: to ratify the ILO Convention 189 is to contribute to the promotion of decent, dignified and recognized work for all maids working in Mali». At the end of the parade, as one network, all these organizations presented a list of grievances to the First Lady of Mali.
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*D.R Congo: Labour Day, a meeting between WCY and their elders
AWCY celebrated Labour Day in Bukavu, Goma, Kalonge Nyiragongo and Fizi on the following theme: «No heavy work for children». WCY met either in the premises of their support bodies, or in private rooms. Invitations were sent to local authorities and WCY elders. This approach helped them earn more visibility and community recognition. The strong presence of authorities and, in particular, that of WCY elders was very positive. Indeed, a WCY elder who is no longer involved in AWCY expressed his joy by pledging to support 5 WCY, including 3 girls and 2 boys, after having found out that these children were studying in the school where he is a prefect. The news was quite appreciated by parents. Thanks to this activity, authorities provided an added value to AWCY/Bukavu. Receipts proving the payment of tuition fees were handed to children. WCY encouraged children to go to school so that they could fulfill the right to learn how to read and write.
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*Rwanda: training on how to support child domestic workers
From May 12th to 15th, 2015, as part of the partnership between «Children's Voice Today» (former AWCY) and Save the Children International, a training workshop was held in Kigali, at the Aberdeen Hotel. It was facilitated by Daniela from Save the Children UK. 12 children, including 7 girls and 5 boys and 3 «CVT» staff members and a Save the Children team responsible for children's rights, were among the participants. The workshop focused on the following:

  • Support the child domestic workers in various areas, so that they may know their rights,
  • How the child domestic workers can be mobilized into Grassroots Groups to assess the needs and a deeper interactions; the identification of specific cases for special support
  • Identifying the level of understanding and vocational training adapted to these children.

This pilot project ends in December 2015. It should reach 4,900 children and aims to support 48 children with special cases. Save the Children UK is also in partnership with AWCY Rwanda in various other fields.
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*Senegal: sensitization on education and violence against children
Diourbel: More than 700 children and youths from 25 Grassroots Groups of the AWCY, and more than 200 sympathisers attended the celebration of Labour Day, whose themes were: «Enrolling children in school» and «Violence against children». The celebration was marked by dances and plays. It was presided over by the Regional Youth Inspector in Diourbel in the presence of the Director of the Regional Cultural Centre, an AWCY partner.
Thies: As part of child protection, AWCY Thies commemorated Labour Day through a sensitization session in the SEN BUS area on «rape, sexual violence, sexual abuse and their consequences on victims». The sensitization session was attended by over 350 people. The objective was to acquaint people with the phenomena of child and sexual abuse and their consequences. The event was attended by the Representative of the Child Protection Departmental Committee (CDPE) in Thies, the psychologist Mr. Gueye and the members of the Coalition of Actors on Child Protection (CAPE) based in various neighborhoods.
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*Publication: WCY Face the Challenge No.15: «20 years of existence, 20 years of experience in child protection!» : http://www.maejt.org/page%20anglais/pdfs/wcy_challenge_15.pdf

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