154 (October 2016)
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* Burkina Faso: National Workshop of the National Advisory Council for Children and Youth
* Côte d'Ivoire: sensitization caravan on the education of children
* Gambia: WCY of Oscar
* Guinea: Setting up listening posts and guidance of children on the Move at the border
* Nigeria: Cleaning activities
* DRC:  School Kits distribution to children and youth
*Rwanda: Training of Grassroots-groups committees and youth mentors
* Togo: a Trade-union for the promotion of domestic workers' rights


Burkina Faso: National Workshop of the National Advisory Council forChildren and Youth
From July 4th to 6th was held in Ouagadougou, a national workshop on capacity building of members of the National Advisory Council on Children and Youth of Burkina (NACCYB) in child rights and duties and the community life. Organized with the technical and financial support of the NGO Plan / Burkina and facilitated by NCAWCYB, this workshop is part of the implementation of the activities of the Advisory Council for Children and Youth of Burkina Faso. About41participants attended the workshop, including children and youth members of organization, from the 13 regions of Burkina. They were AWCY ANERSER, AJVDC, COBUFADE, Children's Parliament, RAJS, public and private schools, children chaperons and facilitators. The work was mainly focused on the historical background of CCNEJB, the Convention on the Rights of the (CRC) and the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child (ACRWC).
Participants watched 2 AMWCY’s cartoons "Tounga 1: it can happen to you" and "Tounga2: it must stop," which deal respectively with Child Mobility and Child marriages. During this workshop, participants developed an action plan and elected the executive Bureauof CCNWYB.
This bureau consists of 08 members including 02 WCY members of AWCYB. A subcommittee of CCNEJB composed of four members was settled. The headquarters of the NCAWCYB was proposed to serve as headquarters of CCNWCYB and ensure the operation of current affairs of the organization. Some participants gave interviews to Radio Optimal on the work of the workshop, the knowledge achieved and perspectives of CCNWYB. Four others participated in a program on Radio Jeunesse on the rights and duties of the child, to catch up the celebration of June 16th which was postponed. During this workshop, participants have received tools, shared experiences and gained knowledge on rights and duties of the child.
claudeouaga@gmail.com, cnaejtburkina@gmail.com, louedrago@gmail.com

* Côte d'Ivoire: sensitization caravan on the education of children
From September 1stto 3rd, the association of working children and youth of Grand-Bassamorganized a sensitization and information caravan on the right to education for children especially girls. The caravan was also held within Grand-Bassam and in 3 villages including Modest, Mondougou and Vitre. In 3 days, AWCY sensitized and informed the public and parents to go and register their children in the age to go to school. From September 6th to 8th, AWCY started registering children who were not enrolled at school for lack of space or birth certificate. 196 children including 135 girls and 61 boys were identified. An emergency meeting was held at the IEP, September 9, with the Inspector of Primary Lessons to discuss the integration of these children to school. The latter promised a meeting with school directors.

* Gambia: Oscar of WCY
On September 1st2016, the grassroots groups "Jamagen" of Farafenni AWCY, organized an activity called "Oscar of WCY". The purpose of this Oscar is to collect funds for the grassroots group, strengthen links with other grassroots groups and raise the community’s awareness on issues such as child exploitation, early pregnancies, child marriages which affect the lives of children and young people of the locality. The event gathered more than 150 WCY members of four different grassroots-groups (Jamagen, Benno, Mauritani wharf and town) and 120 people from the community.During this activity, the grassroots-groups organized competitions in sketches, poetry, mime, dance, miss election, etc. This allowed the children to show their talents and enhance their participation in group activities. The grassroots group was able to generate funds and raised awareness of the community bringing more children to integrate the groups.
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* Guinea: Setting up listening posts and guidance of children on the Move at the border
To meet the critical needs of children and young people on the Move at the border between Liberia and Guinea, the grassroots groups of AWCY Yomou set up in September 3rd, 2016 a listening point and guidance for children on the Move between the two countries in the Guineo-Liberian border, with the technical support of the local authorities at the border. This initiative was taken following the border authorities observation of cases of child movement of the two countries without being accompanied by their parents, and without any travel documents which could enable them to be safe and identified when they are travelling. To remedy this situation, the grassroots groups and the staff of the AWCY of Yomou conducted an advocacy with border authorities which allowed to obtaining an office to do their identification, listening and the referencing of these children. The authorities at the border of the two countries were pleased with the initiative of the WCY and promised to continue supporting the organisation to be more efficient in such actions.
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*Nigeria: cleaningactivity
On September 16thand 17th, AWCY Owode organized cleaning activities carried out by two of its grassroots groups Farasinmeh and Yekemeh. Before conducting these activities, the executives of the association wrote to the leaders of both communities to inform them. The activity was carried out at the town hall of both communities by the WCY who brought with them brooms, hoes, rakes, etc.to clean the area. This building is usually used by young people and children in the community for their daily social activities and to promote their right to live and work in a healthy environment. The WCY have decided, from now on, to conduct cleaning activities there, every month if possible, or every two months. They were welcomed by all communities and community leaders for their good job. Through this activity, AWCY gained more visibility and welcomed new members who have been convinced after seeing the service WCY offered to the community.
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*DRC: distribution of school kits to children and youth
On September 2nd, AWCY Uvira distributed school kits to children and youth from its 7grassroots groups. These donations were made to support some poor families to send their children to school and thus, fulfill their right to learn how to read and write. Altogether, 159 children and youth are direct beneficiaries of these kits. Twenty of them have been schooled by the AWCY Uvira through the financial support of the international NGO "Incontro fra i Popoli". This generosity has been highly appreciated by all families who have benefited from this action. The AWCY thanked his partner for this support that enabled these children and youth to go to school.

* Rwanda: Training of Grassroots-groups committees and youth mentors
On September 4th2016, Children's Voice Today (CVT) has trained Grassrootts Groups committees of both Nyamirambo and Nyakabanda sectors and youth mentors on child participation and the role of WCY in promoting child rights and child protection. The training was facilitated by the CVT representative and two project officers. The main objective was to strengthen children's abilities in grassroots groups on how they can promote their rights / protect child domestic workers, against the problems they face and encourage them to intervene in case of violation. To achieve its objectives, CVT uses grassroots group committees and youth mentors to educate and train their peers on issues of harmful work to child rights. At the end of the training, participants elected committee members. They are 06 members (03 members per sector) and 2 advisors elected from the youth mentors.
childrenrwanda@gmail.com, omaritony@gmail.com

*Togo: a Trade-union for the promotion of domestic workers' rights
On August 14th and15th2016, was held the general assembly of the National Union of domestic workers. Organizations like PAFED Sokode, AREDDEE Dapaong, Lome Africa Vision and NCAWCY federated themselves into trade union. These organizations are expected to meet the terms with legal standards. Under the financial and technical support of the ILO, the union held its first GA to study the basic texts of the Union and their adoption in order to set upits national bureau and start working effectively for the union. The National Coordination of the AWCY of Togo (NCAWCY) has 5 of the 9 positions of the bureau and also leads the national secretariat. The creation of this union follows the workshop on trade-unionist action and mutuality on thedomestic work sector organized by ILO, on the request of actors on July 2nd and 3rd, 2016. coordination01aejttogo@gmail.com, benrubien07b73@gmail.com


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