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* Burundi: distributing health insurance cards to disaster victims and neighborhood clean up
* Guinea Bissau: WCY took part in a carnival
* Madagascar: capacity building
* Niger: AWCY’s institutional and organizational diagnosis
* Nigeria: Inter-community campaign for clean water
* Democratic Republic of Congo: WCY’ crusade against children’s ill-prepared mobility
* Senegal: The coordination of AWCY soon to be involved in micro-finance
Publication: «WCY Face the Challenge n° 14» plus Poster


*Burundi: distributing health insurance cards to disaster victims and neighborhood clean up
Torrential rains that fell during the night of February 09 to 10, 2014 and for ten hours on Bujumbura Mairie, capital city of Burundi, affected all neighborhoods in Northern Bujumbura, resulting in the death of almost 60 people and leaving several people homeless. Many families lost their houses and had no place where to sleep. Authorities and many NGOs provided them with temporary shelter near the Municipality of Kinama. AWCY’s National Coordination got hold of 42 health insurance cards and gave them to heads of families, thanks to the support of the NGO OIDEB Burundi. The families who received those health insurance cards and various supportive actions, and the authorities appreciated a lot the WCY’s initiative. Furthermore, on March 1st , 2014, 23 WCY from the Grassroots Group «petit courage» cleaned up the neighborhood of Ruyigi, in the Municipality of Kinama as their contribution to keeping their environment clean. To facilitate this community clean-up operation, each member of the group brought along tools like hoes, garden forks, brooms, wheelbarrows, rakes, etc. They proceeded to clean the vicinity of the market, health centre, Kinima III Primary School, etc. The District Head of Ruyigi was quite appreciative of their operation and urged the members of the group to continue their good practices in the neighborhood. The Principal of “Saint Placide” High School also thanked them for their good work. He made a room available in case they wanted to organize activities.

*Guinea Bissau: WCY took part in a carnival
WCY put on a great show during the carnival that took place from March 01 to 04, 2014. Being one of the most popular events in Guinea Bissau, this carnival has become a part of their national culture. In the region of Bafata, WCY insisted that their rights should be respected, namely the right to protection, to education and to health. The parade involved many different dances, songs and poems related to children’s rights. The event took place thanks to the support of Plan Guinea Bissau in partnership with AWCY Bafata Grassroots Groups and many other organizations. AWCY Farinm was able to get some visibility before a large public. Children took part in the carnival with their Grassroots Groups. The Bamgladez group got full marks with a parade which was held under the auspices of the promotion of children’s rights. The carnival was held in the presence of the Governor of the region, the Regional Secretary and the local authorities.

*Madagascar: capacity building
To meet its members’ needs, AWCY set up its own head office. Its name is Centre Colombier and it has been operating since December 21, 2013. This centre hosts 127 new WCY who are involved in literacy classes and a speciall class to help upgrade children’s level in addition to various weekly socio-cultural activities. In parallel to other activities of the centre, WCY aged 14 or more, have enrolled on an International Youth Honor class.
From February 01 to 02, 2014, AWCY also organized its first capacity building activity of the year with some WCY (02 from each grassroots group) and facilitators responsible for the monitoring of grassroots groups. Overall, 26 WCY from 13 grassroots groups and 10 facilitators attended the training program, which was based mainly on the AMWCY’s concepts (its objectives, its background, its activities, etc) as well as the current situation of the AWCY and the way it is being run. Everything was reviewed by the participants who also pondered over the difficulties and obstacles that are being tackled within grassroots groups (and looked for their solutions)

*Niger: AWCY’s institutional and organizational diagnosis
In February 2014, AWCY Niger welcomed Plan auditors whose mission was to do the institutional and organization diagnosis of the Association. The institutional analysis of the AWCY highlighted the various aspects of thee organization and pointed to its strengths and weaknesses. Based on its strengths and weaknesses, ways to achieve progress were pointed out to allow the organization to move towards a better achievement of its mission which is nothing but “to fight the poverty children of Niger are faced with, as well as their exploitation and bad working conditions and to contribute to their protection”. They deal with the following: institutional and pragmatic capacity, human and financial resource management, monitoring and evaluation capacity, child protection and the gender issue. At the end of the exercise, recommendations were made to improve AWCY’s management mode as related to the above-mentioned fields.

*Nigeria: Inter-community campaign for clean water
On March 22, 2014, AWCY’s National Coordination organized an inter-community campaign for clean water as part of its World Water Day activities. WCY from different organizations dealt with the issue of clean water in their country. 96 million people, out of 150 million inhabitants, drink unhealthy water. The affected areas are Makolo and Ajegunle in Lagos. WCY sensitized the populations and the Government on how to work together and clean up areas close to water points, and develop a system of clean water for urban and rural areas in order to put a stop to diseases like cholera and diarrhea. The campaign took place in Badagry and in its vicinity; each association sent 06 delegates. People living in the region were very happy about AWCY’s activities which they fully appreciated. Some WCY availed themselves of the opportunity to join the organization.
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*Democratic Republic of Congo: WCY’s crusade against children’s ill-prepared mobility
On February 09 and 10, 2014, WCY launched a crusade against children’s ill-prepared mobility. This took place in Kabare, in the periphery of Bukavu. On February 09, 2014, they held a large sensitization session at Bwirembe Centre. This event was attended by 950 children, youth and parents. All paid special attention to WCY’s plays and poems showcasing the dangers linked to children’s mobility and the advantage of staying in one’s village. Children handed out papers on which were written children’s 12 rights and did the screening of the cartoon «Tounga, it may happen!». Due to various forms of abuse children in Kabara are subjected to, children who travel to Bukavu in search of a good job or for some other purpose, WCY organized a debate and invited 8 local leaders and 7 village chiefs. They talked about the issue of «Children’s mobility, as the main issue in our villages». An elder WCY from Bukavu facilitated the session by using an “andragogy” (adult education) approach to dangers that are praying on mobile children and children who do not have any host family in Bukavu. At the end of the day, strategies were shared for a better protection of children and a sustainable fight against children’s ill-prepared mobility. The following can be noted among those strategies: to organize monthly meetings to sensitize children and youth on the risks linked to mobility; to ensure that the youth inform village leaders about any attempt to travel to a town so that they may get the required information on a village relative who is already settled in town.  

*Senegal: The coordination of AWCY soon to be involved in micro-finance
On March 14, 2014, the office of the National Coordination of AWCY met in Thies at the AWCY Centre. Among other things, they reviewed AWCY  project on the Combined Initiative for Change (12 C) that has just collected  XOF 14,000,000. The office discussed how best to invest this money. Launched in 2011 in Senegal, by the foundation, article 15, in partnership with AMWCY and Enda Jeunesse Action, this project aims at improving WCY living conditions through the development of a savings-credit system directly managed by WCY. This project is based on children’s contribution and has been gaining ground. Today, it claims 3,400 children and youth (77% girls, including 54% children) divided into 12 regions in Senegal. Thanks to savings, WCY undertake or diversity their income generating activities, are financially self-sufficient and prepare their future in a more serene fashion, meet their own needs or help their own families. The project also has an indirect impact on children’s protection through weekly talks organized by grassroots groups, which allow WCY to tackle various issues and to find out problems children are faced with, like child abuse and rapes, etc.

Publication: «WCY Face the Challenge no 14» plus a Poster
The fourteenth issue of the annual AMWCY newsletter WCY FACE THE CHALLENGE plus POSTER are available. These two documents deal with the movement’s activities, backed by drawings. They can be accessed by consulting AMWCY’s website:




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