152 (July 2016)
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* Burundi: Dialogue between WCY and authorities
* Cameroon: training on disaster risk reduction 
* Centrafrica: realizing the right to health and the right to learn how to read and write
* Guinea: sensitization on violence against children, visiting prison units
* DRC: Celebration of albinism International Awareness Day
* Rwanda: Strengthening capacities on government budgeting process
* Senegal: solidarity with the Koranic school pupils and prisoners / WCY’s parade
* Zimbabwe: Children call for the creation of a society encouraging child development

* Burundi: Dialogue between WCY and authorities
On June 12th, the SEST Gitega held an open debate between local authorities and two grassroots group members of Zege and Nyabikenke. The debate focused on the theme: "Together, let’s say no to violence against children!". Members of the SEST talked to the authorities about their right to light and limited work. They also reported cases of child rape identified in their hill this year. To this regard, authorities promised to work hard with the SEST Gitega and guarantee that such behavior will no longer occur in their hill and ensure also that children's rights are respected. To enhance this day participants attended to a football match opposing Zege and Nyabikenke grassroots groups. It was a great moment of happiness for children who realize the right to play and have fun.
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* Cameroon: training on disaster risk reduction
From 25th to 27th May, CAMAWCY attended a training session on "disaster risk reduction in schools and communities." Organized by Plan Cameroon, the training which was held in Yaoundé, focused on some key modules such as risk and disaster profiles in West and Central Africa: safety in schools, evaluating of learning facilities, risks and disasters management. To fully contribute in reducing risks and disasters within the community, WCY undertake actions such as awareness campaigns, identifying risk areas, and creation of supervisory body committees in the villages, organizing cleanliness days. Restitution of the workshop was made at the national coordination of AWCY, allowing those who have not participated in the training to have a good understanding of the theme and to acquire or enhance their knowledge in the issue.

* Centrafrica: realizing the right to healthcare and the right to learn how to read and write
Access to healthcare is often an equation for children from disadvantaged backgrounds, because they cannot afford the costs of entry tickets and that of drugs. To face this situation, WCY got the idea of ​​cleaning hospitals in their community in exchange to an access to free or reduced cost of healthcare. In doing so, WCY of Bangui signed an agreement with the Director of Bangui “Hôpital de l’amitié”/Friendship Hospital. From then, they have the responsibility to clean the hospital every Saturday at virtually no cost and, in return, would receive emergency healthcare for free, in case of illness; which allowed WCY to realize the right to HealthCare. Similarly, WCY are in the process of realizing the right to learn how to read and write by giving afternoon courses to children.
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* Guinea: sensitization on violence against children, visiting prison units
Coyah AWCY and its grassroots groups have organized a sensitization campaign on violence against children and girls in families in three sub-districts and in the communal town of Coyah.  During this campaign that took place from June 17 to 22, parents and employers were sensitized on the dangers of violence against children and girls, a phenomenon that is increasing in Coyah district.Furthermore, on June 18, for a better cooperation with state authorities, the bureau of  N'zérékoré AWCY with some grassroots groups’ members have paid visits to 4 prison units:  a prison unit for children, two gendarmerie units and a police unit. The aim of these visits is to conduct a survey in these structures so as to know the exact number of child detainees and plead with officials of these units for a possible release. The responsibles of these units have deeply been impressed by this activity. They mentioned that most children in these prison cells are charged with robbery; and that since they have been arrested, no one came to inquire about their situation. That is why the authorities were pleased with the presence of the WCY and recommended them to try to contact people who sent those kids to prison and try to negotiate for their freedom.
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*DRC: Commemoration of the International Awareness Day on albinism
On June 13, on the occasion of the commemoration of the international day of awareness on albinism, the NCAWCY / DRC has organized a large public event in Kaputu in collaboration with the Association of albinos of South-Kivu. Many people attended to this event. NCAWCY / DRC was represented by 303 WCY with the aim of conducting albinos to join AWCY’s grassroots groups;  there was also the Governor of the province and his team, the Mayor representatives, 3 mayors of others communal Towns, and the police in charge of the protection of albinos and 239 albinos. Messages were launched through poems, drama and songs on the subject "Albinos are not different, they are our brothers; we owe them love and respect. » At the end of the event, the provincial president of the association of albinos took the floor and made a complaint about difficulties Albinos are confronted with: non-enrollment to school for most of them and lack of adequate healthcare. A memorandum was submitted to the governor. Some albinos have expressed their will to joining grassroots groups.
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* Rwanda: Strengthening capacities on government budgeting process
From May 28 to 29, 32 children aged 9 to 16, participated in a workshop on Strengthening capacities of child focused Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)  and Children’s groups to engage effectively with government budgeting processes at local and national level and effectively engage in social accountability  initiatives and the use of international mechanisms. These children were trained on how the budget is developed and the reasons why the country should have a national budget. They were trained by the district director on how the budget process is conducted, taking into account the whole process: budget formulation, budget implementation, budget reporting and budget review. Children asked questions and expressed their concerns as to relating on child participation in the budget process. The District Director guaranteed to work hand I n hand with children groups in addressing children concerns in the implementation of the budget.
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*Senegal: Solidarity with the Koranic school pupils and prisoners /WCY’s parade
Diourbel and Saint Louis AWCY have celebrated the African Child Day in their respective towns. To show solidarity with the poor and those in difficult situation, Diourbel AWCY has prepared a fasting breaking meal  called " Ndogou "and give food to Koranic school pupils and prisoners. A conference was animated on the subject of the day.
The AWCY of Saint Louis has organized a parade in the city to celebrate the African Child Day. WCY were received by the Governor to whom they handed over their list of demands on the situation of children in St. Louis. These complaints focus on birth registration, child marriage, education, the situation of child domestic workers etc. The governor warmly welcomed their mobilization and said to be ready to support them in their struggle.
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* Zimbabwe: Children call for the creation of a society encouraging childdevelopment
On June 16, AWCY Kadoma commemorated the International African Child Day at Rimuka. The commemorations of this year focused on the theme "conflict and crises in Africa: Protecting children’s rights." Children strode to the stadium where the main commemorations were held. Through speeches, songs and poems, children highlighted the challenges they are facing such as:  increased number of school dropouts, increased cases of child marriages, poor social protection, continuous child abuse and the continued discrimination of children with disabilities to access to important social services. Children pleaded all stakeholders to ensure they work towards creating  a conducive society for children to develop in. The Commemorations were supported by the Kadoma City Council, the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, Save the children Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe National Council for the welfare of children and the Regional Network of the children and Young Peoples Trust.
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