129 (August 2014)
Monthly Internet edition of the African Movement of Working Children and Youth

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* AMWCY: Participating in Child Protection Group meeting with ECOWAS
* Benin: Technical Support Group meeting
* Burkina Faso: Letter of congratulations and encouragements to AWCY Kourweogo
* Côte d’Ivoire: Putting in place Children’s Town Council/Post-electoral testimonies
* The Gambia: Beach soccer games
* Guinea: Training session on community life
* Senegal: Sensitization caravan on children’s enrollment in Class I


* AMWCY: Participating in Child Protection Group meeting with ECOWAS
From July 14 to 16, the Regional Child Protection Group (RCPG): ILO, ENDA, AMWCY, IOM, Plan, Save the Children, SSI, SOS Village, Terre des Hommes, UNICEF, World Vision, took part in a meeting held with the Commissioner for Social Affairs and Gender and ECOWAS’ technicians, in the premises of UNICEF in Dakar. AMWCY was represented by national delegates of Mali and Senegal, all members of the Executive Managerial Group and the Head of the mobility. Attending WCY pleaded for the participation of AMWCY in ECOWAS’ meetings on children and the integration of its action plan into that of ECOWAS. They pleaded for the integration of the AWCY’s action plans into the programming of member countries governments and the development of a common ECOWAS-RCPG mobility program for children, with which AMWCY will be associated, based on its experience. They wish ECOWAS could send its representatives to some of AMWCY’s meetings, such as the African Commission.
RCPG got some good results with ECOWAS. A working agenda includes, among others: the participation of child lead organizations in concrete project activities, an advocacy action plan with key messages, and the setting up of a committee of experts.
In a bilateral meeting with ENDA and ECOWAS’ representatives, the regional protection group obtained the following commitments: - a formalization of the collaboration AMWCY-ECOWAS through a Memorandum of Understanding; - an inclusion of AMWCY in national protection policies concerning the 15 member countries; -linking them with the programs of Civil Society, the ECOWAS programs on youth, and youth employment; -the presence of AMWCY’s experts in the Committee of Experts under the joint programming;- training and communication to other young people through AMWCY resource persons; -support to the AMWCY in its structures (premises, equipment). The meeting also was attended by the following: the High Commissioner for Human Rights, a delegation of the European Union, journalists etc.
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* Benin: Technical Support Group meeting
From July 14 to 24, the Technical Support Group (Benin, Cameroon, Central Africa, Ghana, Niger, Nigeria, Chad and Togo) held its meeting at Codian, Benin under the following theme: «techniques of realization of the twelve rights and child protection». During two weeks, the participants exchanged their experiences in terms of the fulfillment of WCY‘s 12 rights and child protection. They visited 10 AWCY in Benin, 8 in Nigeria and 2 in Togo. During these visits, they exchanged information and experiences/innovations; shared difficult issues with their hosts, sought solutions to the problems that were raised. Partners, governmental authorities and resource persons in the field of child protection took part in the opening ceremony of the workshop.

* Burkina Faso: Letter of congratulations and encouragements to AWCY Kourweogo
On June 13, 2014, the Governor of the Central Plateau Region sent a letter of congratulations and encouragement to the Association of Working Children and Youth (AWCY) in Kourweogo. This letter was a response to a letter he received on May 22, 2014, telling them that the Month of the Child of Kourwéogo would be organized by AWCY in partnership with the Regional Office of Social Action and National Solidarity and the High Commission of the Province of Kourwéogo. In his letter, the Governor praised the diversity of planned activities and the fact that AWCY allowed the involvement of other actors, and the relevance of its theme with regard to the working conditions of the children who live in gold-panning sites, with the attending effect on children’s education. He then extended his congratulations through this letter to the AWCY for its commitment and renewed his encouragement and unwavering support for the success of this event.
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* Côte d’Ivoire: Putting in place Children’s Town Council/Post-electoral testimonies
Grand Bassam: After awareness caravans organized in schools and villages with authorities, a children’s town council was set up. It is made up of 10 children, 6 girls and 4 boys: 2 children of primary school, 2 of secondary school, 2 of Koranic school and 4 who are workers (WCY). The council's mission is to call on authorities regarding children’s living and working conditions in Grand-Bassam and villages, to report cases of violation of children's rights and to bear in mind the issue of children’s development and participation in decision-making. The Mayor of the town of Bassam promised to put at their disposal an office within the Town Hall, which can be used as the Headquarters of the Town Council of Children. Children would like to expand the town council into a regional council during the next edition of the cultural panorama.

Abidjan Sud: WCYA Abidjan participated in the launching of children and youth’s testimonies that was organized by the Commission on Dialogue, Truth and Reconciliation. The project is part of the framework intended to listen to children and youth who went through painful times during the post-electoral crisis; to listen to them, and guide and support them. WCY’s role is to sensitize and mobilize the population.

* The Gambia: Beach soccer games
On June 28, 2014, WCYA Barra organized beach soccer games as part of an entertainment program for children. 8 football teams competed, with nearly 170 AWCY members and over 200 children from the towns of Barra and Essau. The aim was to put into practice the right to play and to create bonds of friendship and solidarity between members. The children participated in competition of singing, dancing and sensitized other children on WCY’s 12 rights. The beach soccer games allowed other youth groups to collaborate more with AWCY. They even started to invite and involve AWCY in their activities. The event also helped children belonging to the association and other children in the community to participate and express themselves, and showcase their talents through spectacles.

* Guinea: Training session on community life
From July 8 to 13, 2014, as part of the strengthening of the organizational capacities of its members, the National Coordination of AWCY organized a training workshop on community life in Mamou, at the FEPAM Centre. The workshop was attended by 27 participants who were taught operational principles of an association, the role that each AWCY manager and each Grassroots Group Head should play as well as things that should never be done. They understood the importance of the participation of the smallest ones in decision-making and were introduced to communication techniques (between Grassroots Groups, AWCY, Coordination and AMWCY) and to the mobilization of financial and human resources for reinforcing WCY’s 12 rights.
Alongside this training, the Coordination introduced a computer training course to initiate participants in the use of computers, so that they could better communicate with the Coordination, AWCY located in other cities, partners and authorities regarding the activities being conducted.

* Senegal: Sensitization caravan on children’s enrollment in Class I
AWCY Thies organized a sensitization caravan on the enrollment of children to Class I (beginning course). WCY called on people to enroll their children into school; registrations having already started in May. The caravan drove across various parts of the city and its two major markets. It started from AWCY’s Headquarters which is located in the neighborhood of Penc Aly Nguere, and ended at the school of Darou Salam 1, through several neighborhoods. In Darou Salam 1, the caravan was welcomed by the Delegate of the District, the Director of School 1, teachers, students, the Protection Committee and the populations. On the spot, AWCY’s theater troupe gave a show dealing with children's education, while pupils presented a play focusing on child abuse. The neighborhood Chief thanked the Enda Team and AWCY for the work they did on children’s protection in various neighborhoods, underlining the fact that the caravan was only reinforcing the work of the Protection Committee.

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