151 (June 2016)
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* AMWCY: Participating to A.U meeting
*Benin: Laying the first brick of WCY’s National Coordination Headquarters
*Burundi: Call for resource mobilisation, exchange on child protection issues
*Centrafrica: WCY facing the challenge of child soldiers
*Niger: WCY participating to May 1st parade, training session on monitoring and evaluation
*Senegal: Fighting tropical and neglected diseases, training sessions on processing
*Zimbabwe: for the involvement of girls and young women in governance processes

*AMWCY: Participating to A.U meeting
From 2nd to 6th May 2016, Neil and Wilfried, two WCY from Cameroon, attended in Addis Ababa to the African Union 11th pre-session and the 27th ordinary session of the African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child (ACERWC).Wilfried represented the AMWCY to this meeting and made contributions on the supplementary report of Cameroon. The Committee examined the alternative reports of civil societies of some countries. The session was opened by brief presentations, followed by project presentations and the results of research based on topics such as: child marriages, violence and physical punishment, the impact of conflict on children in Africa, sexual abuse on children during travel and tourism, the harmonization of legal frameworks and laws on children in countries and others, child migration, support for disabled children, child labour and drug use.
In his intervention, the representative of AMWCY strongly emphasized on the need to support child led groups that play a vital role in the protection of children at different levels. A proposal has been made for an action plan covering the next 25 years. The AMWCY cartoons on child marriages "Touga3: it must stop!" was screened. Point of views of Cameroon’s children have been capitalized and included in the report presented to the ACRWC.

*Benin: Laying the first brick of AWCY’s National Coordination Headquarters

The training session on strengthening the capacities of Benin WCY on child protection was an opportunity for the WCY to conduct the official ceremony of laying the first brick for the construction of the Benin new AWCY’s headquarters in the town of Zè. Local authorities such as the Mayor of the town, the heads of district and neighbourhood leaders attended the Ceremony. These authorities congratulated the WCY for their various actions of protection and renewed their commitment to contribute to the construction of the AWCY headquarters. The training session on strengthening the capacity of WCY on child protection was held from May 2nd to 6th. About 40 children and youth from 34 cities of Benin participated.  In the host districts of Zé, practical exercises have been conducted to test the impact of this training on participants. 
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*Burundi: Call for resource mobilisation, exchange on child protection issues
On May 2nd, the National Coordination of the AWCY commonly called SEST Burundi, travelled to Rutana province where they encouraged the WCY to mobilize resources and look for new partners. WCY conduct many IGAs in agriculture but didn’t get much in harvests due to climate change. Coordination and some members of the SEST Rutana visited a pineapple field which is one of the IGAs of the association. On May 14th 2016, members of Kinama Management Committee from the province of Bujumbura visited the new grassroots group "Future of Children/ Avenir des Enfants" in the Kamenge area with whom they exchanged experiences on child protection. Representatives of other grassroots groups were invited and participated in these exchanges which also focused on the organization at the basic level and the rights of the child. Sketches on the rights have enhanced exchanges between visitors and hosts.

*Centrafrica: WCY facing the challenge of child soldiers
On May 7th, the national coordination of AWCY held a meeting with the International organization Child Soldiers based in London. The agenda was on three points:  -  Demobilization of children associated with armed forces and groups,- to realise the commitment made by armed groups during the great national forum of Bangui to which the national coordination of AWCY RCA had taken part in the negotiations via the peace and security committee which also conducted the negotiations with the armed groups and the release of 3,000 child soldiers with the support of UNICEF and organizations working on child protection in Centrafrica. - to set up, if possible, a project on the prevention of children recruitment and their use in armed groups, to validate a report on child soldiers in Centrafrica and see if there is any possibility for a future partnership with AWCY of RCA. WCY conduct sensitization activities for these child soldiers especially by providing advice in the transit and orientation centres (TOC) and the host families. WCY contribute to these child soldiers’ insertion through educational talks while helping them forget what they experienced in armed groups through entertainment games in the TOC and host families.

*Niger: WCY participating to May 1st parade, training session on monitoring and evaluation

The Niger trade-union of workers (USTN) commemorated May 1st, and Niamey AWCY as a member of this trade-union, participated to the celebration. About 150 WCY went towards the place of Toumo where the responsible of the communication has delivered the WCY message. Members of affiliated unions, authorities and the media attended to the ceremony. In his speech, the responsible of the communication explained the choice of the topic: "Stop child marriages". He, then, presented the 12 rights that defend the WCY.  At the end of the parade, the WCY materialize the working children’s right to leisure through leisure outing with several activities conducted, including listening simulations and many others. Moreover, the national coordination of the AWCY organized a workshop on "Monitoring and evaluation of projects and children listened by the WCY." This is not only about listening to children and guiding them towards solutions, but the most important is the follow-up: the future of the child after his or her socio-professional reintegration. The workshop was held in two steps: in Agadez and then Ouallam. A total of 54 participants, children and youth, were recorded. Thanks to this training, the WCY were able to develop a register of Monitoring and Evaluation of the children they have enrolled in various workshops and vocational training centers.

*Senegal: fighting neglected tropical diseases, training workshop on processing
Through elders WCY protectors who are active members in some health committees of the town council, Ziguinchor AWCY participated in the third mass drug distribution campaign against Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) with preventive chemotherapy. Schools, Koranic schools and apprenticeship workshops are the main targets. According to a WCY, Mamadou Tanou Diallo, "We realized that many children suffer from these diseases. They are obstacles to good education, for some children and we know that there cannot be good schooling of children without good health. "Moreover, from May 14th to 15th 2016, Ziguinchor AWCY organized a skilling training session in processing fruits and vegetables. About 35 jobless girls in the target areas of the project have benefited from this training. This is one method to fight against child labor, especially idling teenagers in areas where the project is implemented. Once these girls will receive a grant enabling them to buy raw materials in order to set up an IGA on the basis of the received training, and thus, earn some money so as to contribute in their family, support their needs and those of their young brothers and sisters who need to go to school.
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* Zimbabwe: for the involvement of girls and young women in governance processes
Through the project "Amplifying the voices of girls and young women in governance," the "Regional Network of the Children and Young People Trust (RNCYPT))" member of the AMWCY, aims at ensuring that girls and young women participate and influence the governance processes at local government level. This project is implemented in five associations: Chinhoyi, Chitungwiza, Kadoma, Mvurwi and Raffingora. It aims at promoting the inclusion of girls and young women in governance processes through their participation in the development of their communities. Training focused on the education of girls and young women about their rights, capacitating them on governance process, gender sensitive budgeting and child and youth participation were conducted. The workshop created a platform for girls and young women to interact on their own, raise issues that concern them and come up with innovative approaches that will enable them influence and change how women are perceived in governance processes.
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