128 (July 2014)
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* Cameroon: WCY’s concert and parade
* Madagascar: cultural activities and children's reunion
* Niger: WCYs joint activities with Malian refugees
* Nigeria: symposium on children and youths’ future
* RDC: visiting WCY’s achievements
* Senegal: sensitization march on education
* Sierra Leone: screening of the animated film Tounga and paying visits to tribal leaders
*Tanzania: visiting an orphanage and pupils at hospital


Focus on African Child Day Celebration by WCYs
June 16, Day of the African Child, is an annual event that commemorates the massacre of children which occurred in Soweto in 1976. WCY give a great importance to this day. Its commemoration is an opportunity to call on people to respect children’s rights which are often violated. Below are some articles showcasing events that took place this year in some countries on June 16 on the theme «Quality education should be free and compulsory for all children».

* Cameroon: WCY’s concert and parade
On the eve of the commemoration of African Child Day, delegations from several AWCYs such as Soa, Obala Mfou, Yaounde, and Etokola traveled to the city of Okola. All of them took part in a concert organized in the evening by WCY. Each one of them had to select and perform one of the following activities: dancing, fashion show, plays and other activities as part of AMWCY's 20 years celebration. On June 16, the delegations got together and paraded, wearing outfits that bore their colors and posters whose messages focused on education and the 20 years AMWCY devoted to child protection in Africa. During the event, WCY paid visits to authorities (Mayor, Sub-Prefect and others) to thank them for their support.

* Madagascar : cultural activities and childreen's reunion
WCY celebrated June 16 at Colombier Center with all grassroots groups in Antananarivo. It was attended by 350 people, including 276 children. Three grassroots groups organized events to mark the day and held activities including ballets, folk songs and circus, respectively. WCY showed their happiness for fulfilling their right to education and to live with their parents. They met on June 19 at Mahamasina Stadium where they were invited, along with poor children, by the association «kely Mahefa Festival of Hope». During the day, children prayed in unison for a better future. They shared food and were given gifts: books, soap and toothpaste.

* Niger: WCYs joint activities with Malian refugees
Niamey's AWCY celebrated June 16 in collaboration with its partner Save the Children. Over 100 WCY grassroots groups’ members were mobilized during an event which brought together members of the club Fada, Malian refugees living in Niger and some guest artists. The day began with cultural events. It was followed by a speech made by the representative of Save the Children Niamey; poems were recited and sketches performed ​​by WCY and Malian refugees’ children. It should be noted that there was a strong participation of Malian refugees in Niger, who live in the 5 districts of Niamey. They were given some gifts at the end of the party.

* Nigeria: symposium on children and youths’ future
To mark African Child Day, WCYA Owode held a rally and a symposium on the theme: «As children, let us build our own vision of a sustainable future ». The theme deals with the issue of school dropouts and becoming street gang members or cart pushers to earn money. People participated massively. They shared their life experiences with children and youths to encourage them to follow the right path and build a strong future. WCY called on parents to always consider children’s best interests. They asked them to encourage children to study and have access to quality basic education to build a better future. They also asked them to listen to children and protect them against discrimination, abuse, violence and exploitation, but also to promote gender equity, children’s participation, etc...
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* RDC : visiting WCY’s achievements
As a prelude to June 16, WCY Uvira was visited by the Italian organization «Incontro Fra I Popoli» led by its President who had exchanged with AWCY Uvira President on 15 June. On 16 June, a visit to four AWCY Grassroots Groups selected by the visitors was carried out. On the ground, the delegation could see with their own eyes what was achieved by the Grassroots Groups, such as fish ponds, stoves manufactured by WCY, goats, dairy products (cream) for sale, etc. Visitors met with dynamic Grassroots Groups that caught their eye.

* Senegal : sensitisation march on education
Thies' AWCY celebrated the 24th edition of African Child Day and the 26th edition of the National Week of the Child with AWCYs in Diakhao, Diourbel, Fatick, Kaolack, Kawoune, Nioro Sibassor, and students from the Institut National d'Education et de Formation des Jeunes Aveugles (l’INEFJA), a center for young blind people, plus public elementary schools. To raise people’s awareness, WCYs organized a march that went from AWCY's headquarters to the Promenade des Thiesois. Upon arrival, WCY who took part in the march, students and their advisors, as well as INEFJA students, were all welcome by members of the Child Protection Committee (CPC). After a diagnosis made ​​of education, children read and handed a memorandum to the Prefect. The latter thanked all participants and pledged to deliver the memorandum to his superiors. A play and songs ended the ceremony. In the evening, cultural activities were held outside AWCY headquarters, and WCY performed plays to pay homage to Mandiaye Ndiaye, an artist selected by UNICEF; this, in order to promote drama in Senegal as part of child protection activities. Ndiaye died early in June 2014. More than 700 people, including over 500 WCY's, took part in the event.
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* Sierra Leone: screening of the animated film Tounga and paying visits to tribal leaders
WCY targeted students and deprived communities in celebrating June 16. AWCY-SL held a screening of AMWCY's animated film «Tounga» for children from different schools. The (educational) contents of the film  deals with several issues, including abuse and neglect of mobile children, and was explained to children in English and one local language (Krio). Later, WCY instructed children on what they should do, and what they should not do; and on their rights and responsibilities/duties. They reminded them of the fact that, even if they have the right not to be beaten, they also have a duty to obey their parents and behave as children and not as adults. In addition, the AWCY’s sub-divisions which are in the provinces (Bo, Kenema and Kambia) paid visits to the leaders or tribal chiefs in villages to promote WCY 12 Rights through sensitization campaigns. A play called «the message» was performed; it describes the need to empower children in relation to nation building. The play gave a clear picture of how children are harassed, and guidance on how to overcome these problems.

*Tanzania: visiting an orphanage and pupils at the hospital
AWCY marked African Child Day by visiting an orphanage (Faraja children orphanage center) and children living with HIV-AIDS and got in touch with those who migrate from villages to cities. WCY shared food with children, played with them and sang songs. They also made donations (clothing, oil, rice, drinks, etc...) and took pictures with them. WCY paid a visit to children at Arusha Regional Hospital(Mount Meru). They then got a good idea of the lives of other people, gave hope to the mothers of patients, and helped mothers feed their children. The visit ended with a prayer for all.

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