149 (April 2016)
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*AMWCY: workshop on the quality of services
*AMWCY: participating in a “social actors” reinforcement workshop
*Burkina: promoting youth and teenagers’ sexual and reproductive health
*Côte d’Ivoire: training session on post-traumatic victim treatment
*Guinea: literacy courses for WCY
*RDC:  WCY fighting tuberculosis in areas of conflict
*Senegal: UNICEF finances the AWCY of Ziguinchor; Sensitization and debates in Kahone


*AMWCY: workshop on the quality of services
From 4th to 8th April was held in Dakar - Senegal, a training workshop on the quality of services.
Co-facilitated by Save the Children and Enda, 16 WCY from Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal and Togo attended this meeting. It was an opportunity for participants to exchange on how the quality of services may contribute to the improvement of the situation of children and their protection.In this context, participants have shown the AMWCY measuring and monitoring tools while Save has presented its assessment tools. Both tools are complementary. Field visits were carried out and allowed the participants to test the AMWCY’ tool in Pikine and Guédiawaye districts within grassroots groups, non WCY, children, organizations that work with the WCY and parents, so as to assess WCY actions in these districts.
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*AMWCY: participating in a “social actors” reinforcement workshop
AMWCY and Enda participated in this workshop, held on the initiative of GRPE members in Cotonou- Benin from 12th to 15th April. Considering that more and more actors intervene in this domain, participants have decided to use the phrase "Social actors" instead of "social workers". The AMWCY has shown examples of collaboration between AWCY and social actors in countries such as Benin and Burkina Faso. The main objective is the reinforcement of locally combined actions among different social actors.
Through several group-works, participants have shared their experiences of collaboration and laid emphasis on what is not successful. During the plenary session, recommendations have been identified so as to reinforce existing collaborations between social actors or find new partnerships in other working sectors. Among these recommendations, there is the identification and revitalization of endogenous mechanism on child protection as well as the training of social actors on collaboration issues. The participants also worked on the proposal of a referential document about competence reinforcement of child protection actors.
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*Burkina: promoting youth and teenagers’ sexual and reproductive health
The national coordination of AWCY of Burkina in collaboration with Plan/Burkina implements the activities of a project entitled "eliminate the obstacles to teenagers and youth’s rights to sexual and reproductive health in Burkina Faso". The goal of this project is to reduce the prevalence of early and unwanted teenage pregnancies in the targeted communities. On the field, the AWCY conduct activities on the sexual and reproductive health for the benefit of working children and youth of their grassroots groups and pupils. It’s about communication for behavior change:  raising awareness on sexual and reproductive health of teenagers and youth, advocacy and capacity building for peer educators in grassroots groups. This work has been conducted in collaboration with other associations such as: ABBEF, RAJS, AFAFSI and the UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund). Regional workshops for integrated communication plans have respectively been organized in Gaoua from February 28th to March 04th 2016 and in Kaya from March 14th to 18th 2016. On this occasion, the project was officially launched. These workshops have helped to update action plans of grassroots groups and school clubs. Every AWCY takes into account realities and obstacles related to teenagers and youth’s rights in the promotion of sexual and reproductive health as well as problems related to gender. Sensitization actions, advocacy for better communication in sexual and reproductive health have been considered, with a view to foster behavior changes within young people.
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*Côte d’Ivoire: training on post-traumatic victim treatment
From March 23rd to 24th, Grand-Bassam AWCY in collaboration with the Italian NGO “Terre des Hommes” and the ‘Communité Abel’ have organized at the “Carrefour Jeunesse”, a workshop on capacity reinforcement about post-traumatic cases treatment. Co-facilitated by health professionals (a psychiatrist and a doctor), this training gathered more than 25 participants: social assistants, agents from Grand-Bassam General Hospital, psychologists, animators and AWCY. The main objective of this training session was to reinforce the capacity of administrative services of the country as well as AWCY in listening and follow-up of victims of violent events resulting in a post-traumatic stress or disorder. At the end of the two-day training, AWCY of Grand-Bassam has strengthened its listening points to conduct more intensive listening with children and adults victims of the trauma after the terrorist attack in Grand-Bassam so as to refer them to psychiatrists and psychologists. Some 86 people, including 52 children and 34 adults have been listened to by the WCY in their listening office before being referred to social centers of Grand-Bassam and Bonoua and to the General Hospital of Grand Bassam.
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*Guinea: literacy courses for WCY
To meet the needs in literacy of its members and for a better visibility of its actions in the field, Fria AWCY Office has started literacy courses in 06 grassroots groups. About 75 WCY learners, including 36 girls and 39 boys, 55 children and 20 youth learn how to read and write in French. The courses are given by an elder WCY. This activity is strongly supported by the local authorities as well as the parents and employers of WCY. The courses have started since early 2016 and continue throughout the year. This same series of literacy courses are ongoing in 4 grassroots groups of Conakry’s AWCY. These courses are followed by 57 WCY members of grassroots groups of tailors, hairdressers, mechanics and carpenters of Ratoma and Matoto.
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*RDC: WCY fighting tuberculosis in areas of conflict
From March 22nd to 26th, WCY have presented a sketch with the slogan "to vaccinate is to love; to vaccinate is to protect!" in the city of Kanyaruchina in North Kivu (zone of conflict). It was on the occasion of the celebration of the World Day against tuberculosis. Administrative, local (district and cell heads), traditional (King mwami)) authorities and populations from all social classes participated to the ceremony. Due to the importance of the extended program of vaccination (EPV) to prevent the disease, WCY have been involved in the process so as to sensitize families to join the campaign. They have sensitized more than 791 people by showing the importance of vaccination for 0 to 5 year old children.  About 25 WCY have worked on this program by signing a contract with Kanyaruchina referral hospital. Moral and military authorities were very satisfied with the work of the WCY and have urged AWCY responsible to make much more effort in order to make visible the association in the suburb and promote the right to conduct activities in a secure and appropriate environment.
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*Senegal: UNICEF finances the AWCY of Ziguinchor; Sensitization and debates in Kahone
- On April 18th 2016, UNICEF has given 5.777.000 CFA francs to the AWCY of Ziguinchor to cover the activities of the Departmental Committee for the Protection of the Children (CDPE) for the period running from April to June 2016. The AWCY is supposed to conduct sensitizing and information activities (in Niaguis and Ziguinchor). This is aimed at contributing to the implementation of the package of integrated services for the protection of children in the department through the device/integrated scheme.
- The AWCY of Kahone organizes door-to-door sensitizing activities on child protection. These activities were an occasion for WCY to listen more carefully to children and raise awareness to the population on issues related to Child protection, to meet and discuss with the vulnerable, including children who need help, support and assistance. The AWCY also organizes debates on child abuse with the objective to better inform, sensitize and initiate the populations to combat and denounce the harmful practices against children such as the acts of ill-treatment. These raising awareness sessions and talks are opportunities for AWCY to explain to people the mechanisms of child protection.

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